I visited Iceland with my husband this summer. I’d never been there before but I knew the travel wasn’t going to disappoint me. We stayed there for 14 days, driving along the famous road 1 (which encircles almost the whole country), trying to explore the island as much as we could. It was amazing!

Iceland is known as the “Land of Ice and Fire”. Once you’re there you completely understand why. While you’re driving in Iceland, landscapes of mountains capped by glaciers, lakes, countless waterfalls of every size, green valleys, active volcanoes and lands completely devastated by lava follow one after the other, leaving you totally stunned with the views.

One of the most impresive places in Iceland is Jöjulsárlón, in the southeast. It’s a glacier lake where  the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier breaks into icebergs that travel in ghostly procession until they reach the sea. The views are incredible. Icebergs of all sizes and all shades of blue floating on the lake, the calm and silence only disturbed when an iceberg breaks, and the vast Vatnajökull glacier in the background. At the other side of the road 1, where Jökulsárlon ends at the sea, some of the icebergs are washed up on a volcanic sand beach, which is also another formidable Icelandic view.







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