Back to New York. Part IV. The Storm

Time flies! Specially this last year. Since I moved to Switzerland, I haven’t really stopped doing things, visiting new places, travelling… And suddenly I realized that a year has gone like if it were a sigh…

This is what I was thinking last weekend while I was cleaning up my laptop’s harddrive. I saw the photos from my trip to New York last year and I realized that I haven’t posted all the photos I wanted! I haven’t even edited them… That’s the consequence of visiting so many beautiful places in Switzerland. Work accumulates and before you know it, a year has gone!

So today’s post is about my trip to New York last year. I already showed you some photos I took then (Part IPart II and Part III). As you can see in my previous posts, the weather during first days in New York was amazing. Sunny and warm, I felt really good in the city, exploring its neighborhoods and parks and enjoying the flowers blooming everywhere. Everything was so pretty! But then, the day before coming back to Zurich, the weather changed. The forecast was rain and when I looked through my hotel window, the sky was very dark. But it didn’t look that bad (hey, I lived in Dublin for three years!) and I decided to take the camera and continue exploring the city. It wasn’t long before it started to rain and, suddenly, the rain became one of the biggest downpour I’ve ever seen!! And the worst thing: it caught me in the 5th Ave., almost at Washington Square, where there is no metro nearby…. The water was falling very heavily, there was almost not a soul on the streets and I got totally soaked even if I was under my umbrella (when I say totally soaked I mean it!!! My hair, my camera bag, all my clothes… It was horrible! But at the same time, I loved what I saw… The streets almost empty, everything was shinny from the water… it was a totally different New York! So even if I felt like I just jumped in a fountain, I took some pictures… And I think they are some of my favorite from that trip!!

Later that day and with dry clothes, I went out again to the neighborhoods of Chinatown and Little Italy. I like those colorful and charismatic streets were you feel like you’re in a completely different city…

Well, here are some of the photos I took that stormy day! I hope you like them!

Flatiron Building. Canon EOS 1200d 18mm f/11 1/60sec. ISO200
The 5th Ave. Canon EOS 1200d 29mm f/11 1/10sec. ISO200
The 5th Ave. Canon EOS 1200d 18mm f/11 1/13sec. ISO200
Washington Square. Canon EOS 1200d 23mm f/11 1/40sec. ISO200
Washington Square. Canon EOS 1200d 25mm f/11 1/6sec. ISO200
Street Art in New York. Canon EOS 1200d 33mm f/11 1/30sec. ISO200


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22 thoughts on “Back to New York. Part IV. The Storm

    1. Thanks a million!!! I think that photo is my favorite from that trip!!! I have a few other favorites, some long exposures and that kind of photos…. but the ones in this post were totally spontaneous, not planned at all! And the empty streets, the moody atmosphere… It was a great morning, even if I had to spend the rest of the day in the hotel room drying all my clothes, shoes and camera stuff with a small hairdryer hahaha

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  1. What is not to love? Totally different images of the famous city, special atmosphere, reflections, people stories and struggles with the umbrellas 🙂 Rain makes a city magical.
    The only concern: how was your camera after getting a shower? I always get so anxious for mine, and hide it under the jacket. No chance for the stormy shots :))

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    1. You’re right, the rain makes cities look completely different!! And I love it, even if I don’t like the rain at all, hahaha
      Well… I was carrying an umbrella and trying to cover the camera…. but it got soaked! And all the camera backpack too…. When I got to a metro station I went back to the hotel and I emptied all the camera bag, put everything on the bed and started to dry everything with towels…. and the backpack with the hairdryer…. The good thing is that I always carry a lot of these little bags for the humidity, so everything got dry and no mold appeared on the camera or the lenses (that’s the part that really scares me… mold on the sensor or the lenses!!!!). After that day, I think Canon makes cameras with really good isolation (fortunately for me!), hehehe

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      1. It looks like that day proved to be a good test for Canon. Thumbs up, Canon, good job! and you seem to be prepared too, yes, those little bags, I have heard they can do wonders (but I still keep on throwing them away). So smart!
        Ah, getting soaked can be an adventure. As long as no equipment suffers, there are only good memories afterwards :)))

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      2. Hahahaha….. Since I got the camera I collect all those little bags… Just in case!!! And after moving and furbished the now apartment, now I have hundreds of them!! And I always carry a few in my camera bags…. But I think I do this because when I was living in Ireland I was more afraid of humidity at home than outside!!! I had the enemy at home!! hahaha…. So I tried to protect the camera even if I wasn’t using it 😛
        Yes, it wasn’t my first time getting soaked for a photo…. but this time was brutal! Fortunately, as you said, now it’s a funny memory!!

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      3. Smart life hack. I will start doing the same.
        Ahh, Ireland climate made you inventive too! I lived one year on Norwegian West Coast, and it was raining every day, and I was afraid I will go green with moth – would need those bags then. But I moved to Oslo, so… hehe, a bit dryer here now 🙂


    1. Thanks a mil, Anne!!! At least these are not the typical NY photos!! I already took those ones too, hahaha.
      Well, I loved to see the city almost empty and take these photos… but I have to say that I was totally soaked and I was afraid for the camera!!! Everything got wet!!!!! Lenses, filters, even the little clothes I use to clean the lenses… Fortunately I could clean and dry everything and everything survived the rain, hehehe…. At the end, that day was quite an adventure and now I remember it with a smile!! 🙂

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      1. Well, I tried to cover the camera as much as I could…. What surprised/scared me was to find that my backpack is not so waterproof, and all my other lenses, filters and everything were totally wet!!! I almost cried when I saw that at the hotel… But everything dried well and I always carry a lot of these anti-humidity little bags that you can find in bags and shoe boxes… So they helped to avoid the terrible and scary mold…. hehehe

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  2. Preciosa luz de tormenta. Grises/plata y viandantes espontáneos y el cartel con las bicicletas es una auténtica portada.
    Son preciosas👍😍

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    1. Mil gracias, María!!! Si llega a llover así en otra ciudad me quedo en casa, jejeje….. Pero en Nueva York el cuerpo te pide salir a explorar a pesar del tiempo!!! Y ese día conocí una ciudad completamente distinta a lo que se ve allí habitualmente! 🙂 Fue una pasada!!


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