About Me

Hi! I’m Mercedes, a Spanish self taught photographer currently based in Zurich. I’ve always loved photography, but after five years living in Sweden and Ireland I’ve developed a love for capturing with my camera the beauty of nature and the cities I explore. Now I enjoy photographing the outdoors, whether that’s here in Switzerland or around the world.

Portrait by Joey Dunne


Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. I hope you enjoy my gallery and I am looking forward to seeing you here again.

If you have any inquiry, want to say hello or have any question, you can contact me on:



9 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Thanks a million for your kind comments!!!! I’m just beginning, using a DSLR for just 1,5 years and I love it! I try to learn as much as possible and try every technic.
      And yes, nature is the best inspiration, even if you have to search for it in the city 🙂

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      1. Mercedes! I must say your composition skills are really good.
        You’re living in beautiful city. Ireland is beautiful! Any particular subject in nature that fascinate you?


      2. Thanks again!
        I would say that my fav subject is landscape photography, specially waterfalls!! 🙂 But I love to chase wild animals too! It’s very challenging and fun and then I can practice faster photography!

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      3. I have found wildlife photography quite challenging. you need different equipment to handle it’s requirements. large zoom lenses, faster focussing and fast shutter speed are must.
        Landscape is what attracts me the most. 🙂


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