I’m moving to a new website!!

I know, the last few weeks after my birthday I’ve been a bit absent… And it wasn’t because I didn’t have more photos to show you… I’ve just been working in something new!!

It’s been almost three years since I started with this crazy adventure called blogging, and I loved every part of it! So much that this little blog has grown so much that I’ve run out out space!!! This is why I have decided to move my blog to a new website, this time with my own domain name and a new design.

From now on, you can follow my blog here:


Here you’ll find my blog (from the very first post I published and all the future posts I’ll write), as well as galleries with some of my best and/or my favorite photos since I started my photography journey.

I hope you like the new site! I’ll be happy to hear what you think about it if you leave me a comment there! I’m looking forward to continuing seeing you there! 🙂

Photo from my new post: Glattalpsee, the coldest place in Switzerland



8 thoughts on “I’m moving to a new website!!

      1. Well, that is a very useful and good feedback!! It’s good to know that now photos download faster than before!! Hehehe
        I feel a bit proud of this change, as I made it by myself… I don’t have any idea of coding and programming, but I think the photos look more beautiful now… and yes, even a bit professional! 😛

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      2. Well, it was still similar to wordpress, I used a template, but still some small amount of code was used to personalize everything, hehehe. I learnt some new things, but I’m still an heretic in this topics. Thankfully, my husband works in this field, so he helped me with the difficult part: the new domain, link it to the selfhosting site and everything!

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    1. Thanks a mil!! Yes, 3gb was too little, specially for me that I publish a lot of photos on each post! Hehehe. But I’ve been running the new website for a few months and I’m really happy with how it works now! And now I can show my photos in a more beautiful way, I think… hehehe.

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