First light

I’ve already written about the Forty Foot, one of the most famous swimming spots in Dublin bay and why I like it: the rocks and the movement of the sea allow me to create beautiful dreamlike seascapes. I’ve been there already a few evenings, when the light is very low. The Forty Foot is located in the eastern coast of Ireland and the sun always sets on the opposite side. I was curious to see how the place looks at the beginning of the day, when the sun appears between the rocks. I had the opportunity to see it in late November. The day was perfect: the sun rose directly between the rocks and the day was very clear and I could enjoy a perfect sunrise in a gorgeous seascape full of colors.

First light. Canon EOS 1200D 32mm f/25 13sec. ISO 100
Golden light. Canon EOS 1200D 25mm f/25 1sec. ISO 100
Forty Foot gate. Canon EOS 1200D 21mm f/4.5 1/100sec. ISO 100
Brave Dubliners. Canon EOS 1200D 25mm f/25 0.6sec. ISO 100

Weekly photo challenge


10 thoughts on “First light

    1. It’s one of my favourite spots in Dublin!!! No matter the weather, the place always has a lot of possibilities to make long exposures!
      And it’s very popular to swim too, but I think the Irish sea is a bit cold for a Spaniard, hahaha! 🙂


    1. Thanks a million for your comment!! Ireland is gorgeous, it’s easy to capture its magic 😊.
      Btw, I think your family is really brave! I would never swim in the cold waters of Ireland, hahaha… I’m more used to the warm Mediterranean Sea 😝

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